Check out top 7 event ideas. These are a combination of our favorites as well as our most popular. We hope you enjoy looking through and having fun with our entertainment packages.

The Super Slide 4

On your marks, get set, go! The Super Slide 4 is the one you want if you want maximum impact and maximum turnover at your event. Our 4 lane Fibreglass slide is over 100 feet of fun and entertainment and has a 25% higher turnover than most other giant slides.

Superslide Melbourne

Cha Cha

It’s known by many names – The Scrambler, Twist, Sizzler, Twister or Merry Mixer – but we know this family favourite as the Cha Cha! Always popular, always fun and always guaranteed to let you squish the person next to you


Pirate Ship

Aaaaaarrrrh me hearties! Who doesn’t love the Pirate Ship? A fun ride for kids between 2 – 7 and, best of all, the ride can seat 12 at a time so everyone will get a go, and then another, and then another!

Pirate Ship Ride Melbourne

Arcade Games

Phew! It’s hot outside! Why not make your next event an indoor arcade event, where families can enjoy themselves in the cool? We have Guitar Hero and Digital Dance Revolution for the youngies, and Daytona and Pinball for the oldies, which equals fun for all!

Inflatable Surfboard Ride

Know any wannabe grommets? Then the inflatable surfboard ride will be the perfect summer entertainment for them! This ride provides hours of fun and a soft bouncy surface for when they wipe out. Love to see this ride at your next event? Get in touch with us on 1800 806 253 or get more info clicking on the image below:

Atomic Drop Water Slide Ride

It’s getting hot in Melbourne this week. Do you need an amusement at your event to keep attendees cool? Contact us  to chat about the large number of water-based amusements we offer to fit all crowd types and budgets, like the atomic drop water slide pictured here –


Our Jumping Castle Range

Click here to see our full range of Jumping Castles which include the MCG bouncer, Jungle Adventure, a Giraffe option, a Tiger, a Princess Palace, a Disney option and more. Our range includes jumping castles for children (little kids and big kids) and adults.


Event Jumping Castles

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