At birthday parties, jumping castles are really fun and amazing. For a young child, there are several things one can get which can add even more excitement. They won’t just provide the soft surface to jump along without any injury; they also have great castle design in the gardens. There are loads of games one can play on these castles. To make the day of your kids even special, here are some of the amazing ways to enjoy with amazing games on jumping castles sale.

Musical Statues

This game is really very simple and it needs less control. All you have to play some dance music for your kids and pause it suddenly so they all will freeze in their actual position. The last child who freezes will be out and sit out on the castle and wait for the next round. Dancing on bouncy castle is really fun and full of excitement. Music can add even more fun in it.

The Egg & Spoon Race

This kind of race is loaded with fun. Kids really love the concept of splitting eggs and this game is challenging and fun without being serious. Running on the jumping castle will add more fun and cushioning can add safety when someone falls on it.


Unlike full-fledged trampolines, jumping castles are not really very bouncy. But your children are not the professional athletes. They can still enjoy bouncing or back-flipping on the jumping surface. Your kids can score over one another when you add the competitive element.


This is yet another easy-to-play game that your kids can enjoy without any trouble. They will chase one another on the bouncy surface which will be more fun for them and it can add some security so they won’t hurt each other if they fall or trip.


It is an easy and fun game which can be enjoyed by everyone and you can easily bounce high on the air to get a great spike upon the net. It can really be very enjoyable. It is really an easy game for your kids and it can add more fun on bouncy surface.

Fantasy Games

You can easily find something exciting and superfluous to add fun to the jumping castle. Children have great visualizations and they can spend great time with each other when they relax. So, let’ them be creative and find some exciting game on their own.

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